HOPE is a focused outreach plan that enables local churches to help students create an environment to share the gospel with friends at school. As this strategy takes form, Christian students will initiate and lead a Christian club at their school. HOPE is an acronym that is followed each month. So each month, the club will take a club meeting to Help (Christian students understand how to share the gospel), Overcome (their feet of sharing the gospel), Prepare (their personal faith story), and Engage (their peers with the gospel).

These student-led clubs operate under the guidelines of the Equal Access Act. This effort is focused on outreach, with a plan to incorporate students who are reached at school into local churches, including your local church. Each club should reflect the personality and giftedness of the students who lead club meetings and the youth worker who guides them.


Definition: [verb] Make it easier for someone to do something by offering aid.

The Goal: Equipping believers with a basic outline of the gospel, along with a tool, to help them articulate clearly in casual conversation.

Help Week explanation and meeting outline

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Definition: [verb] To get the better of in a struggle. To overcome the enemy. To overpower or overwhelm in body or mind.

OVERCOME, the second meeting of HOPE strategy. OVERCOME is just that: motivation and inspiration to overcome our fear, worry, and doubts that we have about sharing the Good News of Jesus Christ.

Overcome Week explanation and meeting outline


Definition: [verb] Make (something) ready for use or consideration. to put things or oneself in readiness

The third meeting of HOPE strategy is intended to help students recognize the significance of their personal story of faith and learn to tell it well.

Prepare Week explanation and meeting outline
Sheets to help you write your own personal story of faith


Definition: [verb] Occupy, attract, or involve (someone’s interest or attention). Cause someone to become involved in (a conversation or discussion)

The fourth meeting of the HOPE Strategy is to engage your classmates with the life changing message of the gospel.

Engage Week explanation and meeting outline
Response Cards
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Definition: [verb] To maintain contact with (a person) so as to monitor the effects of earlier activities or treatments. The act or an instance of following up, as to further an end or review new developments.

Two thoughts on follow up:
1. Why do everything else if you are not going to follow up?
2. Student led, student initiated follow up.

Follow up Guide